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This blog has videos, articles, and links to otherĀ  sites that describe, explain, teach, or provide useful information about understanding and applying the DISC model of human behavior and DISC personality testing.

When you understanding the DISC model of human behavior you gain insights and perspectives about your family, friends, co-workers, supervisors, and team members that makes your interactions with them more productive and effective.

This blog is a good place to start you search for a basic understanding of the DISC model. If you’re looking for information to thoroughly and completely understand the model and its application, I recommend that you start here and then head over to some of the other sites I link to from here. Eventually you will probably want to take a DISC personality test for yourself to really understand your own perspective, and then you will probably want the other people in your life to take assessments as well.

Parents might also consider giving a kids personality test to kids older than 5 years old or a teen personality test to teenagers. The insights you gain will make a huge difference in your relationship with them.

Here’s a brief overview of the DISC model to get you started.

Check the Articles Page For More Specific Insights